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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Zac Efron does a lot of nice things for his fans, but we will never forget the most recent which happened while he was on set for the Baywatch Reboot. An eager fan tried to get a selfie with Efron, but dropped his iPhone, shattering it. Efron not only posed for a pic, but bought the fan a new phone

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  2. It's always nice to know that you've been rooting for someone who actually walks the walk and is who they say they are, whether that means they're a good tipper or they love chatting with fans.. We usually don't know celebrities beyond their social media profiles or interviews, so it can be hard to tell what's real and what's not
  3. Always a gem of a human being. 13. I'm such a big fan of The Office so this was an exciting one for me. Very nice, asked multiple questions about a certain item he wanted to buy, ultimately.
  4. As a Miami fan, it's easy to highly dislike LeBron James for leaving the Heat, but he's such a nice guy it's hard to stay mad at him. He cemented his nice guy image by starring as his goofy self in..
  5. Pop sensation Taylor Swift is known for being incredibly caring and nice to her fans. However, she can be vicious and ruthless towards her rivals, such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry, and anyone who dares to cross her Swift Squad. Her millions of fans have helped make Taylor one of the best-selling solo artists

The longtime comedian has a history of not being so nice to fans, interviewers, and talk show hosts. One of his most famous fans, Kesha, once asked for a hug on a red carpet, and he turned her down in the most awkward and cringy way. Apparently, Seinfeld has a strict no-hugging rule, so we guess it's understandable that he'd turn her away Even the rich and famous get fed up sometimes. It's understandable when Hollywood stars get annoyed with paparazzi in their faces or selfie requests, but you'd think they'd be a bit more patient when they have encounters with fans.Unfortunately, some famous people were apparently jerks even before they were famous.These are the rudest celebrities according to fans For celebrities, it's not hard to lose sight of the little people. While it can't be easy to be the center of attention, stars have the choice to either be cool about their fans' overzealous. Not every celebrity can say they hold the heartwarming title of Hollywood's Nice Guy, but if a star shares a rude encounter with another famous face, you best believe it'll be the talk of. There's a whole list of celebrities who have called Aguilera rude or stuck up (Valerie Bertinelli, Adam Levine, and Kelly Osbourne, to name a few), and fans who have tried to interact with her in person say the same. She even ignored Daniel Franzese, the actor who played Damien in Mean Girls

Bieber might be one of the most popular and successful celebrities out there, but his heart isn't as big when it comes to his fans. He reportedly spit on his fans and even calls them with rude insults. He also does not sign autographs and frequently shows up to his concerts late. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Being famous involves a lot of attention, which can become annoying when you're just trying to go about your day, but that's no reason to insult your fans. One fan of Hollywood star Megan Fox allegedly asked her for an autograph on a street in San Diego. Fox apparently responded by telling her bodyguard to, Get this disgusting creep away from me It's really awful when you hear stories about celebrities who treat people in the service industry terribly. I don't care how famous you are, be nice to people like waiters and bell hops

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This list contains celebrities who are not nice to their fans, colleagues, and even the media/press. These jerks who are no doubt likable on screen, have allowed their social status and bank balance to make them the worse personalities of our time Jennifer Lawrence is known for her relatable personality and sense of humor... but not for being super nice to her fans. She's even admitted herself that she can be really rude to avoid fan interactions. In a Variety interview, Jennifer shared that the fame and public attention makes her uncomfortable. I become incredibly rude

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These celebrities don't take their fame too seriously. They're just like you and me. Jimmy Kimmel is finally moving to 11:35 on ABC! We're celebrating with laughter, tears, and stories about. Rihanna is known for staying true to herself despite her fame in Hollywood, but her real attitude seems to not be so pleasant when it comes to fans Celebrities should have the opportunity to politely turn down fans in person, but what about in letter form? When one teenager and aspiring actor decided to write to his idol and ask Jim Carrey for some advice, he was hoping to receive some sage words of wisdom in response - even if it took months for him to write it 13 Celebrities Who Are Famous For Being Kind And Down To Earth. Every fan who runs into him has written a post on how Tom Hanks is never aloof. where even regular people are not nice to.

5 Celebs Who Adore Their Fans (& 5 Who Aren't Very Nice) Plenty of celebs don't have the patience to deal with adoring fans-- even though fan bases are usually the reason for their success. By Stephanie Harper Published Jan 01, 202 Many people agree that it's an awful feeling to meet a celebrity you look up to and realize they are a horrible person. We've all read about (some of us even met) celebrities who are rude to everyone and full of themselves, despite trying to look nice on the media. Fortunately, it seems that the vast majority of celebrities are really nice people and treats those who surround them with respect From the fan's perspective, approaching a celebrity can be a double edged sword or, rather, a two sided coin. Either the celebrity turns out to be the nicest person in the world... or the biggest jerk in the world. Pretty much all of the Harry Potter alumni have been praised for being a bunch of nice lads and ladies, but arguably none more. We're starting to see that nice and famous rarely go together in Hollywood. She's been notoriously mean to fans. She actually admits it and claims that it's a way of defending herself. We understand not wanting to cater to fans 24/7, but there's a way to tell people no without being a self-entitled brat This list contains celebrities who are not nice to their fans, colleagues, and even the media/press. These jerks who are no doubt likable on screen, have allowed their social status and bank balance to make them the worse personalities of our time

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  1. BuzzFeed - Being nice goes a long way. 17 Of The Nicest Celebrities — According To The Fans Who Have Met Them Befor
  2. 3 Surprisingly Nice: Stephanie McMahon. via youtube.com. There's Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and even Shayna Baszler in NXT, but none of those heels even come close to being as effective at being hated as Stephanie McMahon
  3. e worked LA. She had many run ins with celebrities so this is who she ranked. Rudest: Chevy Chase: (I met him too and agree) he is just a flat out class A asshole. Arianna Grande: total bitch diva. She felt like she was above eve..
  4. Jennifer Lawrence said she's purposely mean to fans as a way to defend herself. Jennifer Lawrence isn't always her easy-going self around fans. The Oscar winner admitted to Adam Sandler while.
  5. With such an angelic voice and a reputation for being a schmoozer on The Voice, it's a surprise to think that Adam Levine could be anything less than a nice, upstanding guy. However, according to one Reddit user, the Maroon 5 frontman has shown a nasty side when being approached by certain fans

There are a few genuinely down-to-earth celebrities in Hollywood. While people like Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow are known for their larger-than-life egos, others have managed to attain fame without getting a big head about it. Here are a few examples of the nicest, most normal celebs in showbiz Most recently, TikToker @_sincindy—a former employee at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)—detailed her experiences interacting with celebrities, rating them based on how nice they were (10 being the nicest and 1 being the least nice). Read on to see where your favorite star falls Now, I get that celebrities are often hassled, berated, and approached by fans all the time for photos and autographs and what have you, and this can get tiresome and irritating; I get it. But it's also kind of something you generally have to expect from being a celebrity. But that does not call for rudeness In this regard, celebrities have it pretty good. The paparazzi follow them around everywhere they go, so they get plenty of chances to improve this super important life skill. But that's not all. Bored Panda has compiled a list of images, proving that fans provide famous people with numerous opportunities to show off their sense of humor as well Celebrities talk about loving their fans all of the time, but there is no other celeb who shows their fans as much as Taylor Swift. So Tay being the hero that she is, $90 nice! We're sure.

Cameo Calls allows you to meet stars 1-on-1 in a live video chat you'll remember forever (PS: you also get a pic of the two of you)! Bring magical moments to the 9-5. Have Russ from Silicon Valley endorse your brand for a digital ad, get Troy Aikman to join your virtual event, have Bethenny Frankel spice up your company meeting or internal comms Swift also praised her loyal supporters for being kind and respecting others. I just feel so proud that my fans are always nice to other fans, she added. They don't say hateful things Feb 11, 2021. AceShowbiz - Anna Kendrick isn't as nice as many people think she is, according to a person who has had encounters with the star. A TikTok user named Tahira made use of the platform.

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Here's Some Proof That Keanu Reeves Is Basically The Nicest Human Being Ever. Keanu Reeves waited 20 minutes in the rain to get into his own wrap party - then returned someone's lost bank card. Here are five reasons he's the nicest guy in Hollywood. Keanu Reeves really is the nicest man in Hollywood, Guys. We knew this back in 2014 when Keanu. There's actually an entire Reddit thread of Keanu doing nice things for fans and strangers. From giving up his seat on the subway and eating with a homeless man to signing posters in his fans. Want to know what celebrities are REALLY like? Read and share stories now

3. Emma Roberts. Emma admitted to Chelsea Handler: Literally, my little sister and I talk about One Direction all day. I'm scared if someone ever saw my phone, I'm like 'delete these messages. I was taken in by this thread. Asked to donate to a Nigerian charity. Only donated $200. Escalated, wanting me. Scammer was so nice to talk to. Switched from Whatsapp to Google hangouts. Refused to talk on phone. At one point celebrity was hacked and kidnapped they said. Wanted $15,000. Sadly, celebrity was Simon Baker. That would have been cool

Hundredsofspiders. 3 years ago. I work with celebrities and have met dozens and dozens. I hate to say that Bill Nye was the rudest. He was a jerk all three times I worked with him, so I couldn't brush it off as him having a bad day. 919. level 2. ♀. laneloveslipstick Jennifer Lawrence labeled herself incredibly rude. The 30-year-old actor isn't exactly friendly in fan encounters. During Variety 's Actors on Actors series in 2017, Lawrence chatted with. There is a dutch pun on her name, paris heel dom which translates to paris very stupid. Paris Hilton is one of the most stupid women on earth I have ever heard of. 3 Nicki Minaj Onika Tanya Maraj, known professionally as Nicki Minaj (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist For more celebrities who aren't what they seem, check out 5 Celebrity Careers Launched By Ethnic Makeovers and 8 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Geeks. If you're pressed for time and just looking for a quick fix, then check out The 4 Most Childish Ways Powerful People Settled Arguments. And stop by LinkSTORM to do the humpty hump Nice! Check your inbox for the latest celebrity news. PHOTOS. 12 Celebrities Who Have Been Rude To Fans! Source: Splash. By:Amethyst Tate. But it didn't end up being worth it, due to Justin.

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In 1985, the omniscient eyes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and seemingly every other top artist witnessed what was obscured from our living room windows. It took Grammy winners to. 10 Biggest Celebrity 'Cancellations' of 2020 (So Far) Cancel culture has become a staple of social media, and no celebrity is safe from being deemed over and canceled. So far, 2020 has been a crazy ride

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Do you have a story? Have you met a star? Did you go to school with them or just bump in to them at Starbucks? Were they mean or nice? A-list or Z-list, we want to know know what they were really like... let the world know! SHARE YOUR STORY 23. Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie used to be known as one of the sexiest women in the world, and even used to have a reputation as a bit of a freak in bed. Probably considering the fact that she once had sex in a limo with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton on the way to an awards ceremony. ADVERTISEMENT Cruise rescued both young fans from being crushed, and called for a police officer's help. Every night I say good-night to him when I pass his poster in my room, Sadler told People at the. James Corden is the latest celebrity to fall victim to cancel culture as a bunch of fans are calling him out for his nasty behaviour. That being said, there was one person who had nice things. For celebs in Hollywood, there's also such a thing as being too skinny. It's a place where designers refuse to dress actresses above a certain size and where Jennifer Lawrence was told to lose weight.. Despite La La Land's obsession with thinness, many celebrities have come under fire for not weighing enough.While many experts argue that thin-shaming and fat-shaming aren't one in the same, we.

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Forget Kesha: Here Are 7 Other Ways Jerry Seinfeld Refuses To Play Nice. Most celebrities are willing to play the game. Out in public, on the red carpet, celebrities will act pleasant to one another. They will at the very least recognize a fellow celebrity when they see one. But Jerry Seinfeld is not most celebrities and the hug refusal heard. However, being recognized, spotted, and pictured is quite a rush and a nice massage to the egos of some famous people, still. 4. Celebrities and famous people have fans When meeting with fans, they'll usually take on their nice character persona, but when alone they'll complain loudly about how much they hate their annoying fans. Hell, they might actually be genuinely nice, but the biz tends to bring out the worst in people pretty fast. And at the wrong time, too

Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I've never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line's always been really blurred for me. I'll hang out with them after the show. I'll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I'll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes. He is loved by his fans. There are usually spectacular and memorable moments when Jugnkook sets his foot to meet his fans and interact with them. There are a lot of lovely pictures available where Jungkook is hounded by his fans. Check out his pictures with his adorable fans. Aww!! Nice memories!! Watch this space at IWMBuzz.com for updates Soap fans will already be acquainted with 30-year-old Shana. She famously appeared in EastEnders alongside Joe after being cast as his on-screen sister Demi Miller from 2004 until 2006 In her first show from home, DeGeneres said Being in quarantine is like being in jail. It's mostly because I've been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone here is gay. Online, people responded negatively to the clip, given the extravagant circumstances DeGeneres and other A-list celebrities enjoy during quarantine Amy Schumer came on board in November. The Pod Save America guys asked their fans to join them in December. Kutcher, who helped define Twitter as a place for celebrities to connect with fans a.

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  1. Sandra Bullock may have played a compassionate mother in The Blind Side, but that doesn't mean her real self is as kind or giving!The mom, who is currently on meltdown-cycle after hearing that ex and Nazi supporter Jesse James is engaged—again—is one of the meanest people in Hollywood and refuses to make time for the little people. The Oscar winner is often considered one of America's.
  2. g about seeing or meeting in person a real celebrity. If you dreamed about seeing or meeting in person a real celebrity, such a dream might signify your feelings of jealousy towards some people you know. Maybe it indicates your feelings of inadequacy in someone's company
  3. Top 10 Celebrities that are Nicest to Their Fans. The Top Ten. 1 Tom Hanks Thomas Jeffrey Tom Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor and filmmaker. He is known for his roles in Splash, Big, Turner & Hooch, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, The Green Mile, the Toy Story Franchise, Cast Away.

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  1. Celebrities that are nice to their fans in random encounters are described as being like regular people. But if a stranger approached most regular people on the street, telling them how much they love them and asking for a photo, regular people wouldn't be so nice. Close. 2.5k
  2. A website dedicated to the views of food servers, The Stained Apron, has a monthly list of celebrities who have behaved/tipped well, or not, as the case may be. So if you want to find out who is generous or mean, polite or offensive, take a look. The problem with trying to name the genuinely nice people in showbiz is that there are so few of them
  3. 11 Moments Rappers Were Good to Their Fans. Chance The Rapper has been promoting his Magnificent Coloring Day concert at Chicago's U.S. Cellular field for a while now, and considering that Chicago.

She is much loved by her fans and is considered one of the nicest celebs in Hollywood. In 2011 she was invited by a fan to go to a birthday party, accepted the invitation, went to the party, and. Celebs who act nice in the spotlight but are horrible in person. Angel_Delights Posts: 2,889. Forum Member. . 07/10/10 - 18:24. in Showbiz. #1. Cilla Black is apparently a witch off camera. Anthony Cotton 10 Celebrities Who Have Some Seriously Kinky Sex Likes In The Bedroom Addison Rae Had To Lick This Body Part On Bryce Hall In A Game Of Spin The Bottle Charli D'Amelio Responds To Accusations. Kim and Kanye get the most hate out of any other couple. 3. Kim Kardashian. TV star, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and author (New York Times best-seller - Kardashian Konfidential), Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California, to Kris Jenner (née Kristen Mary Houghton) and attorney Robert Kardashian I invited celebrities to people that I imagined I would be thrilled to see in attendance (including DH's feelings as well). We invited: - David Ortiz (being from Boston I am a huge fan and he seems like the type that could have serious fun anywhere he goes). We got a letter and an autographed picture in return. (He was the only one that responded

Although the average person can write a dissertation on their hatred of the Kardashians (we've written several of them), for those few celebrities who are loved by literally everyone, criticizing them becomes a bit tricky.After all, no one wants to read anything bad about Beyoncé or Steve Jobs.But although fans don't want to hear it, celebs are human, and they sometimes act like jerks Gordon Ramsay Baffles Fans By Being Nice To Contestants On 'MasterChef' Jess Hardiman Published 16:15 , 27 May 2018 BST | Last updated 16:16 , 27 May 2018 BS Being a Christian in Hollywood cannot be easy, but for these celebrities it's worth it. Sharing Christianity with their fans and inspiring others with the Word of God can only help strengthen. Many aspiring actors will take any type of role they can get in the industry, regardless of what they are asked to do, including being naked on camera. This next list is the perfect example of such individuals who were willing to do it all for fame and well, money of course. Join us as we go through a list of celebrities who started their.

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The reality TV star and her sister Kendall were promoting their latest PacSun clothing range in Dallas, Texas but fans were not impressed with her attitude. Mirror.co.uk reports that one Twitter user wrote: Yessss! They were so pretty! Kylie was kinda rude but Kendall was super nice. You couldn't take pictures thoug During a recent interview, Tom Holland shared how Zendaya gave him a few pointers on being nice to fans in public. Keep scrolling for the actor-on-actor moment. By Mona Thomas Feb 26, 2021 8:23 PM. The pressure of being constantly under the spotlight can make celebs throw some serious diva tantrums. Fans trying to take pictures or asking for autographs is sometimes enough to trigger a rude. Nice, this was of great help for me while planning an interview of my boss, going on posting from the company. I love my fans, but being a celebrity can be tough sometimes. And lucky you being able to talk to Katy Perry because she is amazing!!! Btskpopblackpinkslayss on November 07, 2018

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From the plastic surgeries to the nice home to the partying and living the good life Pamela Anderson was having the time of her life until she was noticed by the IRS. but fans still flocked to. Aug 14, 2014. Twitter was blowing up yesterday after a video supposedly showing Harry Styles being rude to fans popped up on the Internet. Apparently, Harry ignored some 1D fans who were trying. The 13 Weirdest Things Ever Sent to Celebrities as Fan Mail. Facebook; Pinterest; Twitter; Tumblr; 0; by Meghan Blalock Apr 25, 2014 at 9:00 am EDT. 13 Start slideshow . Being a celebrity comes. The Culture of Celebrity The nature of fame has changed in modern times, and celebrities, and their fans, are diminished by the process. By Jill Neimark published May 1, 1995 - last reviewed on.

Fans remember Jamie Gertz from films like Sixteen Candles The Lost Boys, Less than Zero, and for playing late comedienne Gilda Radner in Gilda Radner: It's Always Something. Jamie married investor Antony Ressler on June 16, 1989, and together they founded the Gertz-Ressler foundation that has topped the list of celebrity giving at $10,569,002. K.A.R.D.'s Jiwoo and Somin. I was at their concert in Russia. I have never met anyone that arrogant and disrespectful among performers. Long story short, Jiwoo was standing on the stage with bored and annoyed facial expression, she kept continuous.. Being famous just means you have fans, and even one or two is enough to make you someone special. Ask a music fan who the best guitarist of all time is, and while one group insists that it was Jimmi Hendrix, another group swears that it was Eddie Van Halen instead Last week, Star released the results of its annual Most Hated Celebrities poll, revealing Gwyneth Paltrow as the most reviled person in Hollywood and Chris Brown merely the twentieth most hated. (More people hate Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer. See addendum.) Hating celebrities is obviously a cherished online activity, but why do we do it? Are we projecting anx Actress Jami Gertz Thanks to a record donation of $10,569,002 to the Ressler-Gertz Foundation, actress Jami Gertz and her husband, Anthony Ressler, top the list of the 30 Most Generous Celebrities.

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Celebrity worship syndrome (CWS) is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity's personal and professional life. Psychologists have indicated that though many people obsess over film, television, sport and pop stars, the only common factor between them is that they are all figures in the public eye Celebrity siblings: They're just like us—or at least they started out that way. Yes, these famous duos (and one trio) grew up sharing bunk beds and bathrooms, and now they share the Hollywood spotlight, whether fans realize the familial connection or not. From a Gossip Girl and a Teen Witch to two iconic Hollywood legends who happen to share parents, here are the surprising celebrities you'd. Celebrity quotes about loving Beyoncé. I just wanted to meet you you're such an inspiration' and she stood up-she was so nice-and she points to Jay Z and says 'We just watched you in the.

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Poor Dame Vera Lynn, I mutter. That wasn't nice. Priscilla White was born in 1943 and her fairytale reads like this. Her father was a docker and she grew up bouncing to the Mersey Beat and singing. 10 / 0. Kristen Cavallari: Despite being friends while Kristin dated her step brother Brody Jenner, Cavallari's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian soured when she allegedly caught Kristin and Scott on a date when the reality couple were 'off-again'. And when rumours broke that Cavallari was having an affair with Scott Disick, The Hills star. Keanu Reeves is being praised on social media for how he poses for photos with his female fans. The Matrix actor has been doing tons of press lately for his latest action movie, John Wick 3.

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Will Smith, a popular blockbuster movie actor, is a very charitable man. For example, he has donated to the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, which includes $126,000 in grants to the Lupus Foundation, $200,000 to the Baltimore School for the Arts, and $52,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. These are only a few of the charitable donations. Christina Haack revealed she's having a nice day on the set of Flip or Flop—without her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, who is vacationing in the Caribbean with his fiancée, Heather Rae Youn Last year, when fans of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' were horrified to hear that the quirky comedian who treated everyone with kindness and love was accused of being a bitter, uncaring control.

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Entertainment. People Hate Brie Larson For More Than Captain Marvel. B. Brianna Morton. 8:00 pm, May 28, 2020. (Getty Images) During her promotion tour for Avengers: Endgame and even during her. Ariana Grande is one of those celebrities that keeps proving to be a huge disappointment to me. I mean, I really liked Sam and Cat, and I think she's very pretty with a great voice, so constantly hearing about how much of a ?mega diva bitch she is, even to her fans, is pretty disheartening.Here I was thinking that Frankie was the most annoying Grande, but maybe not (no, he still is) William Shatner fans, don't even think about asking the Star Trek actor for an autograph. It's not going to happen. The 87-year-old actor announced the news on Twitter this week when he. The comedian, 39, encouraged fans to get dolled up for the injection in an Instagram post. Alongside Schumer's video, she said, I want to thank all the brave people in the medical field. But more than them I want to give a shout out to me. I'm awesome I love the people of New York. Even the annoying ones. It's nice to see all of them I have been his biggest fan since Day 1, Taimoor announced. This morning I was on my Instagram and saw his post on him hitting 300 million followers, and as I watching the video, I saw my name in there and I was shocked. I couldn't believe my eyes, he said. Although being a mature adult, I started celebrating like a kid with Rayan James Corden joined director Ben Whiston and five members of Carpool Karaoke staff to make a surprise appearance on Reddit's AMA thread on Tuesday to promote a special edition of his show.. But.