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When buying an iPhone, people always have a question that how many pictures can 128gb iPhone hold. The same thing is applicable to any other brand's smartphone but the question remains the same. We have made an assumption to show you the basic calculation of how many JPEG images or the RAW images can your 128GB hold A 128GB memory card can hold approximately 35,556 photos. This is based on jpg file format, at 12MP, a standard GoPro image resolution. How many hours of video is 128GB? A 128GB memory card can hold approximately 76 videos iPad Pro (128GB model): approx. 114GiB, or 122.4GB. 30,600 songs OR 81 films OR 229 TV shows OR 19,125 photos OR 4,080 apps OR a combination of these. iPad Pro (32GB model): approx. 27.5GiB, or 29. The iPhone 12 Pro can do HDR video with Dolby Vision up to 60fps, 4K video recording at 24/30/60fps, Slo-mo videos at 1080p at 240fps, Night Mode time-lapse, and more. Now, it's up to your usage It is purely depends on how much files you have now? If you have approximately 30 to 40GB now, 128GB might be OK. And how long will you planed to use your coming iPhone? Also how many movies would you take? The movie files would be heavy. Do you h..

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With 128GB, you should have more than enough space for the important files that matter to you. And if you take a lot of photos with occasional video, then 128GB is also a great size for that. With the Wide and Ultra-Wide lenses on the iPhone 11, you're bound to be taking a lot of photos to put that new Ultra-Wide lens to work The iPhone SE 128GB is the perfect middle ground. The 128GB iPhone SE would actually come with about 117GB of free storage, which is enough for taking about 35,400 photos. This is the ideal storage option for those who feel like 64GB would be constricting, or plan on using this phone for many years to come Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini come with a base storage capacity of only 64GB, at the cost of $829 and $729 respectively. For comparison, the newly-announced OnePlus 8T, which costs around $700 comes with a base storage of 128GB, which is also the minimum storage option for the likes of Google Pixel 4a and many other 2020 smartphones

JPEG Quality Settings and File Size A 128GB card or drive can hold about 35,500 photos. The number can vary depending on the picture quality, so that number assumes a lower-quality image. If your camera has more megapixels, each picture will take up more space iPhone 11 128GB - $749, £779, AU$1,279; iPhone 11 256GB - $849, £879, AU$1,449 This will give you room to keep the photos and videos you shoot local. You can also keep a local music library. (Live Photos are GIF-like videos captured alongside the full-resolution photos, and can take up to double the storage of standard photos.) It's a similar story with video - the iPhone XS can. If you are looking to know how much 128GB can hold then you are in the right place. We are going to tell you just that. If you have 128GB worth of storage space, you can have about fifteen (15) full high-definition (HD) video files that are worth 8GB each. The best movies only take 4GB or even 1GB worth of space

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  1. Low resolution photos (e.g. 4 MP stored as compressed JPEG) are around 1.2 MB in size. High resolution photos (e.g. 12 MP stored in uncompressed raw format) can be 36 MB in size. So, a 128 GB drive could store 90,000 low resolution photos or 3,000 high resolution photos Answered by LDog 4 years ag
  2. A 128GB memory card can hold approximately 35,556 photos. This is based on jpg file format, at 12MP, a standard GoPro image resolution. Here are how many images from each of these cameras can fit on a 128GB card. 12MP: 35,556 photos
  3. The iPhone 12 Pro will continue with having the telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom, an Ultra Wide lens with 120-degree field of view, Night Mode portraits with the new LiDAR scanner, dual optical image stabilization on the Wide and Telephoto lenses, and more — and that's just for still photos! When it comes to video recording, you can do HDR video with Dolby Vision up to 60fps, 4K video.
  4. How many pics can 128GB hold? A 128GB memory card can hold approximately 35,556 photos. This is based on jpg file format, at 12MP, a standard GoPro image resolution. Do I really need 1TB of storage
  5. utes of Video that can be stored on a SanDisk memory device Number of photos, songs, documents, and video hours a SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive can hold Number of images on a DSLR or digital camera is stuck at 99

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A 256GB memory card can hold approximately 71,111 photos. This is based on jpg file format, at 12MP, a standard GoPro image resolution. How many hours of 1080p video can 128GB hold? Simple maths says that 128GB is 4 times the size of storage and therefore it should be able to record 12 hours How many videos can 500GB hold? This depends on the content being recorded. The base model with a 500 GB hard drive can hold about 75 hours of HD content and several times that much of SD material.. How many photos can you store on 100gb? And 100 GB is 100 billion bytes. So the simple math is 100,000,000,000 / 1,000,000 = approximately 100,000 photos.. How many GB do I need to store 5000 pictures

A 64GB card can hold 2132 pictures. A 128gb card can hold 4264 pictures. A 256gb card can hold 8528 pictures. How long will a 64GB SD card record 1080p video First, below is a quick rundown of the pricing of the iPhone 11 for different storage tiers. 64GB - $699. 128GB - $749. 256GB - $849. The good thing this time around is that Apple has dropped the price of the iPhone 11. So you can get the 64GB for $699 and the 128GB variant for $749 — the same price as the 64GB iPhone XR Below is a quick breakdown of how many photos 256GB memory can hold, depending on megapixel and file size: 4 MP (1.2 MB File Size): 183100 photos. 5 MP (1.5 MB File Size): 146482 photos. 6 MP (1.8 MB File Size): 122000 photos. 7 MP (2.1 MB File Size): 104000 photos. 8 MP (2.4 MB File Size): 91500 photos

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  1. Plus, over time your storage requirements are only going to increase with iOS and iOS apps and games themselves getting heavier. What seals the deal for the 128GB iPhone XR is that it is priced only $50 more than the 64GB iPhone XR. At $799 for the 128GB iPhone XR, it makes little sense to buy the 64GB variant of the device for $749
  2. utes of video. 400 music tracks. Which iPad is better 32GB or 128GB? The 128GB iPad (2020) is the safe bet for most people While 32GB will be fine if you're absolutely sure that you're going to keep downloads to a
  3. The storage types available to this Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra (6.8-inch) are 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. But as basic as this looks, you may however find it difficult to settle with just any S21 ultra model with the above-listed storage capacities and you will know why in the subsequent paragraphs below. Having known the brand of choice, in this.
  4. You can use OneDrive and Dropbox also as they all not only provide the option of storage and backup but can also stream your photos, videos, music, and many more. Therefore, if you are a keen user of iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other cloud storage services for accessing and storing your media, the iPhone 11- 128GB is the best option for you
  5. 128 gb = 18,800 photographs; 256 gb = 37,600 photographs *remember that this digital aspect is 1,024 bytes = 1mb and 1,024 mb is 1 gb* Memory Cards. Choosing a memory card will depend on your camera. You have the choice over the brand, the size, and the speed of the memory card. The bigger the size, the more photographs you can take
  6. For me its safer to buy a 128gb just to be on a safe side, but if u cant afford it then just buy the 32gb on my ipad pro 9.7 32gb and i have 88 photos LOTS of apps that i cant even count and I dont listen to songs lmao. And i have 10gb left, to be exact its 10.56g

Activity. MB or GB* Storing photos. 16GB for 4,000 photos if the images were 4MB each (high quality). Recording videos. 1.5GB per hour of video recording (1080p). 3GB per hour of video recording (2K) Downloading music. Spotify. Depends on the quality, but between 3MB and 10MB per song on your phone. Downloading social media apps. Depends on the overall size of the app, but approximately. A number previously unthinkable on a smartphone, but as we know, the numbers keep going up and up. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, among its many other attractive qualities, comes with 128GB-512GB storage depending on configuration. The Samsung's new Galaxy S10 can have up to 512GB, and the Galaxy S10 Plus can go all the way up to an absurd 1TB, or 1,000GB 50GB, $0.99/month, recommended for storing your photos, videos, files, and apps and backing up your device. 200GB, $2.99/month, good for Apple family members or one person with lots of photos and.

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Lightning fast, one click software on a USB stick that finds and saves 60,000 average size photos and videos. Works on both Mac and Windows. 128GB of storage. ThePhotoStick 128 is a USB stick that contains the amazing software and storage that makes it easy to find all your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and easily save them to the USB stick A 32GB SD Card can store approximately 8864 photos. If you're not a big fan of shooting videos, then a 32GB SD Card should be enough to capture the countless moments of your vacation. Again, we're assuming that you have a GoPro camera with a 12MP still image setting. Image Resolution. File Size

A 512GB memory card can hold approximately 307 videos. This is based on 4K resolution at 60fps - a standard GoPro video resolution. Average video time of 3 minutes. Here are how many images from each of these cameras can fit on a 512GB card. Minutes of video: 921.6 minutes The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a huge, powerful Android phone with no fewer than five cameras. The main 108-megapixel sensor is the best Samsung has ever shipped, the Snapdragon 888 is fast, and. The following assumptions were made to calculate the number of images per card: MP = 1,000,000 pixels 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes, 1GB = 1,000MB TIFF image has 24 bit color depth, one of 16,777,216 colors per pixel JPEG 100% Quality = Visually lossless JPEG compression with 1:10 ratio of RAW image PHOTOS If we're talking about photos, then, 32gb can store 25,00+ photos, 64gb can store 50,000+ photos, and 128gb can store 100,000+ photos. And in this world where people get attracted to more options when compared no variations, this InfinitiKloud is the best thing to invest in for storing your data the right way

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In other words, with a 256 GB card the SGGCX2 can record continuoulsy for 1 day, 13 hours and 55 minutes before it will automatically start to overwrite the oldest footage. So with GB being the card size in GB, Mbps the bit rate in Mbps, and s the recording time in seconds, our formula is. GB*8*1000 ⁄ Mbps*3600 = 2.222* GB ⁄ Mbps How many photos does a photo stick hold? Photo stick only comes in three types of capacity: 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The higher the number, the more pictures it can save. 8 GB can keep up to 3500 videos and pictures; the 64 GB Photo Stick can reach 30,000 pictures and video, while the 128 GB can archive a maximum of 60,000 pictures and videos Every person can use it easily and no technical skill required to backup your data in seconds. It doesn't need any software or anything like that, it just connects and starts working. Instantly declutter photos, videos, screenshots, and documents with an automatic artificial intelligence system

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  1. i. But the iPhone 12.
  2. ute MP3 songs at 128kbps 3.5MB. 3 Office files: estimation based on a combined average of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. 4 Approximation for video at 1080p AVCHD 13Mbps
  3. How many games, apps, photos, songs, and videos will the new 128GB iPad store? We did the math. Here's what you can fit on your new 128GB iPad. Here's a table breaking down, on average, how.
  4. utes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding, the iPod touch 7th Gen models can hold roughly 7000, 28,000, or 56,000 songs, for the 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB options, respectively
  5. The more storage space the flash drive has, the more MP3s (audio files), photos, and videos that can be saved to the drive. For example, 5 GB capacity can hold much more than 1 GB. Common flash drive sizes are 2 TB (terabyte), 1 TB, 128 GB (gigabyte), and 64 GB
  6. utes! Super Easy To Use. Simply plug-in to a USB drive and hit 'GO' when the screen pops-up! Massive Storage. 128GB storage capacity - easily back up 60,000 photos and videos! Keeps Your Files Safe
  7. A very good product with sample photos and videos on each stick which reduces the amount of memory space on the unit. You go from 128GB to 119 GB of available space. Deleting some pics, videos and music will free up some space

The Good The new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is super compact, very speedy when working with a computer and adds up to 128GB of storage to your iPhone or iPad. Its mobile app can back up data from. This 650MB equates to about 74 mins of music. This in theory means that music will take up 8.78MB per min. The average song is 3.5 mins therefore 30.73 MB per average song. So an average 8GB Mp3 player will give you 260 songs, not a great deal. This on CD is true, however if you are trying to work out how much music 4GB can hold or how much. Here's how much 4K video you can shoot on an iPhone 6s. apps, other photos and videos, music, and all of your other data. the 128 GB phone can take about 6 hours of 4K video before. IPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air™, iPad mini™, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7 iPad with Retina display, iPod® 5th Generation and newer, with Lightning connector and iOS 10.0.

It is difficult to judge just how much storage you'll need until you actually need that storage. Apple expanded the storage of the entry-level iPad from 16 GB to 32 GB. While 16 GB was fine in the early days, apps now take up much more space, and with so many people now using their iPad to store photos and video, 16 GB just doesn't cut it anymore Personally I'm using about 32Gb with all my photos/videos downloaded to the phone. I could easily upload them to iCloud if I have to. I use Spotify for music and have maybe 10 albums downloaded, so 64Gb works for me. When/if there is a 128Gb option, I will go with that Especially when they added the fact you can actually have 1TB of space on your new phablet, because it supports 512GB microSD cards. I've picked up the model of phone with the most possible built-in storage every chance I could for the last several years, because I download my music and I have a lot of photos and videos The 512GB card can hold about four hours of 4K Ultra HD video or about a full day's worth of 1080p video. Put in other terms, it takes about 11 hours to transfer 512GB over a 100BASE-TX Ethernet.

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Setting the iXpand up as a backup for my iPhone photos, videos, and contacts took just a few taps, and my collection of more than 2,000 images and videos transferred over in approximately 30 minutes As a result, your 128GB SSD will provide less than 119GB of storage for programs and data. Subtract the space used by Windows 10 and you could be left with around 90GB to 100GB. Subtract. As a Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB, 50GB, 100GB and even 128GB storage, which is the best choice for storing high-definition video up to 1080p and 4K. It is no doubt that Blu-ray disc offers much bigger space than a DVD disc and becomes an increasing popularity to store Ultra HD and AVCHD video on the market A free program for iPhone, by Stephan Dojok. Tiki Kart 3D. Free mobile racing game. Talking Ginger 2. A free app for iPhone, by Outfit7. Free video conferencing tool. Talking Tom Ben News. Games for iPhone. With App Clips, you can make experiences from your apps discoverable at the moment a user needs them Turn on iCloud Photos. Select Optimize iPhone Storage to save space on your device. With Optimize Storage, smaller, space-saving photos and videos are kept on your device while all of your original, full-resolution versions are stored in iCloud. And as long as you have enough space in iCloud, you can store as many photos and videos as you want

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Was at 60-64gb, but now with apple music + match, i currently am only using 13.1gb. It's a good idea to get the 128gb. 4k video and live photos. I'm using 94.2 GB... About 3000 (10GB) pictures/videos. 27 GB is music, about 9 for shows/movies Article sections. If you get the camera recording continuously to the memory card, and the memory card is a true 128 GB memory card (131,072 MB), the camera should be able to record for roughly 72 hours. The highest quality setting is 4096 Kb (bit)/second video + 40 Kb (bit)/s sound = 517 KB (Byte)/second, which calculates to 30.3 MB/minute

It is standard for 5-10% of a drive's capacity to be reserved as an unusable space. It is also standard industry practice to state a flash drive's capacity based on physical memory, not available memory. Now that we have that out of the way, below are general capacities for 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB flash drives Greater than 64GB but less than 128GB: 128GB: Greater than 128GB but less than 256GB: 256GB: Method 2: The back of your iPhone The storage capacity is printed on the back of some iPhone models, which is helpful if you can't turn your iPhone on. Be sure to remove your phone case before you check How many photos you can hold on your iPhone will depend on the model you purchased. When they first came out there was 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb versions. If you bought the phone after the iPhone 5 was released, I believe they began selling only a 16gb version. To find out what model you have, go to Settings > General > About Continue this thread. There's a setting in the camera that will show a persistent meter on screen of either how many photos are remaining, or how many minutes of video remain at the current settings. In general 4k at 100Mb/s is about 750MB per minute, so right about 2 hour 45 for 128GB. About $3.50

Amazon Photos is free for all Amazon customers. All you need is an Amazon Account and you'll get 5GB of photo storage. If you need more than 5GB and want to store more than just photos (i.e., files, videos, etc.) then you can pay a yearly fee to get more storage. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you'll get unlimited photo storage plus. This model offers 8 GB of storage, which is enough for storing up to 3,500 photos. The 64 model has 64 GB of storage and can hold up to 30,000 photos. You'll also find the Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model available. It can hold an impressive 60,000 photos and offers 128 GB of storage space Which computers can I use ThePhotoStick® on? ThePhotoStick® works on the following Operating Systems: WindowsWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. MacMac OS X Version 10.7 and later. What photo and video file types can ThePhotoStick® find and save? ThePhotoStick® can find and sa

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  1. Or, for a more affordable solution, move your photos and videos to a third-party service like ThunderDrive, which nets you a massive 2TB lifetime storage subscription for just $59 flat. On the.
  2. A flash drive with fast speed and the ability to transfer a lot of data at once. Pros. Can transfer up to 4 GB of data. Connects to most iPhone cases. Durable and able to hold up to 128 GB total. Cons. Only works with app, but it is included. Kingston. Bolt USB 3.0
  3. The first storage size for ThePhotostick device is 8GB. This will give you space to hold around 3,500 photos. The next size is 64GB, which can hold around 30,000 photos. The 3rd and final size is 128GB. This can hold an impressive 60,000 photos
  4. 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out; 4x optical zoom range (iPhone 12 Pro) Digital zoom up to 10x (iPhone 12 Pro) 2.5x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out; 5x optical zoom range (iPhone 12 Pro Max) Digital zoom up to 12x (iPhone 12 Pro Max) Night mode portraits enabled by LiDAR Scanner. Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth Control

Most smartphone manufacturers are hitting onboard storage sizes of up to 1TB. But how much storage is adequate for most smartphone users Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Smartphone ki storage ki, jaha pe hume market mein bahut se options milte hai yaha pe maine discuss ki..

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  1. Even when you take into account the size of certain apps and software you may have installed, 512GB to 1TB is plenty. Even the best smartphones have 128GB-256GB of storage now. It's when you start introducing things like home-generated videos, video games, and other forms of rich media that you'll need to consider additional storage
  2. utes of video from an average.
  3. The 128 GB Photostick stores as many as 60,000 photos for you. Where Photo Stick Mobile Can Be Used This versatile device can be used on your work phone or personal phone
  4. You can use the Photos app to import photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device
  5. It can also be used on multiple devices and laptops, saving the whole family files. For Convenient Printing, Use PhotoStick. Most people have experienced the dreaded photo printing service, having to plug in a device then scroll through every image. For 1000's of images, this can take a long time
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You can use it to back up everything on your iPhone easily. Below are the highlights of Coolmuster iOS Assistant: Export all files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to a computer or iTunes for backup. Back up and restore the iPhone/iPad/iPod in one click. Support contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks, eBooks, calendars, apps, etc Given the paltry 5 GB storage you get for free, most people spend the extra $0.99 or $2.99 a month just to back up their devices. Don't skimp; it's worth paying a bit more to ensure that your data is protected. For comparison, on my iPhone 11, the iCloud backup, as shown in screenshots above, was 1.62 GB

Tap and lightly hold on a photo or video until you see the More option appear (don't do a 3D Touch/firm press). Tap More, you'll now be able to select as many photos or videos as you'd like How many pictures and videos can a memory card hold? 32GB capacity. On a 32GB SD memory card, you can expect to store up to 7600 photos in 12MP JPEG format, 520 photos in 20MP RAW format and 320 minutes of Full HD video. 128GB capacity. On a 128GB SD memory card, you can expect to store up to 30400 photos in 12MP JPEG format, 2080 photos in. The 64GB Photostick can hold 30,000 files, while the 128GB Photostick can hold 60,000. The Photostick mobile unit is 0.91 x 2.16 x 0.35 inches in size. It's a USB 3.0 flash drive with wide storage space and an aluminum design. Maps, recordings, notes, and files will all be saved on the Photostick Mobile The gadget is available in varieties with storage capacity ranging from 32 GB to 128 GB. The 32 GB variety has the capacity to store about 3500 photos and videos while the 64 GB one can store a mammoth 30,000 photos all in one place, with just a single click. The 128 GB variety has the maximum storage capability storing over 60,000 photos

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Hi Davidson, Our Picture Keeper Connects for iPhone / iPad come in sizes: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, & 256GB. The size you'll need really depends on your average file size, but minimally you will need a 256GB. The good thing is, when one Picture Keeper fills up, the next starts its backup where the last one left off The same capacity card holds 13 raw photos at 22 megapixels each. For Kodak memory cards, a one-gigabyte card holds 260 six-megapixel photographs and 45 16-megapixel photographs. Sandisk cards contain up to 71 raw, unprocessed photos at four megapixels each. The same capacity can hold up to 715 four-megapixel photographs in compressed form I'm guessing the average Macbook user has 1000 mp3's at standard quality, takes 1000 JPG photos, stores 60 minutes of iPhone video, and downloads a few movie files annually. That all tallies up to about 20GB of data needs each year. If you are a more professional user and take 500 photos a month in RAW format those numbers can look a lot. It depends on how large your ThePhotoStick drive is. For an 8GB photo stick, you can save 3,500 photos or pictures. For a 64 GB photo stick drive, it can contain up to 30,000 photos/images. As for a 128GB photo stick disk, it is able to hold up to 60,000 photos and graphics

How many 5GHz wifi bands iPhone XR supports? I recently got a router with tri-band, one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz band, I can only see the 2.4GHz band and one of the 5GHz band(I set the SSID different from these three bands) 01:29. 01:29. Some time ago Google announced that it was no longer going to allow free, unlimited photo storage after June 1, 2021. Already, Pixel owners have lost uncompressed backups, retaining. 3 Videos (About 5 minutes worth, I make small videos I can MMS) 300 Pictures 34 Apps Available: 11.5GB I expect to add quite a few more apps and a LOT more pictures. I may add some music but it has to be something I like to listen to all the time 8gb - Save 3.500 photos and videos 64gb - Save 30.000 photos & videos 128gb - Save 60.000 photos & videos A 128 GB iXpand drive will hold as many as 30,00 photos taken with an iPhone 7 or 52,000 selfies. It is a game-changer for anyone who takes photos and videos with their iPhone

I recommend paying $50 extra for 128GB of storage on the iPhone 12, meaning the 12 Pro is $150 more. For that money, you get a heavier stainless steel body in new colors, an extra camera with a. Below are guides on how much video footage and many still photos you can expect to fit on a 32GB or 64GB card with a GoPro HERO4. Please note that these refer only to the data that can be stored on a card and have nothing to do with battery life you can expect to get when filming, which is a separate issue The 32 model has a storage capacity of 32 GB and can store 5,000 high-resolution videos. The 64 model, which has a storage capacity of 64 GB, can hold up to 30,000 high-resolution photos. The largest available PhotoStick model is PhotoStick 128 that offers a storage space of 128 GB and can hold an impressive 60,000 high-resolution photos As you can see, jumping into an iPhone X or 11 has a lot of advantages over your old 7, and ideally has the best balance of value to price. Over the past few years, Apple has worked hard to improve screen resolutions and battery life dramatically The trouble is, while built-in SSD drives in MacBooks provide awesome performance, they are stingy on storage. New laptops — the problem isn't limited to Apple — now come with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB flash-based SSD drives as standard configurations. And many of these laptops are not easy to upgrade in the future like older hard drives.

Here is the answer: 1TB = 1,000 GB. 1TB = 1,000,000 MB. Wow, so many gigabytes and megabytes, you may think, but let's compare those figures to how much data we use on our devices every day, including smartphone storage space, laptop memory, and external hard drives. In terms of storage space, 1 TB is like 8 different smartphones (Samsung. Photos, video, games, and apps take up a bunch of space, and you'll hit your limit quite fast. iPadOS The new version of Apple's tablet software, iPadOS 14, is not a major change over last year How many songs does each iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod shuffle hold? The maximum number of songs that every iPod is capable of storing varies upon the length of songs, file type, format, and encoding used. Using the iPod to hold photos and videos (when applicable), likewise can reduce the number of songs the iPod can store I've switched from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 so I could take more professional-looking photos and videos, and I've yet to be disappointed. The camera quality is crisp and the there are so many photo settings I don't think I'll be able to use them all RAOYI 128GB Type C Dual Flash Drive does not have many features like other USB-C thumb drives, but there is not much you can ask at that price point. The downside of the RAOYI 128GB Type C Dual Flash Drive is the lacking security specs and software for easy management