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Movies Can You Guess The Movie By Its Terrible Plot Explanation? [QUIZ] #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly will make you rethink your fave flicks

Can You Guess The Movie By Its Terrible Plot Explanation

  1. In the quiz, you'll see a 5-word phrase that describes the plot of a movie. Type your answer below the question. After you've completed all seven questions, click Submit at the bottom of the.
  2. 1. An intergalactic terrorist seeks revenge by hitchhiking a ride with a religious fanatic and a smuggler. 2. A man with a hammer needs to team up with five other people to help him beat up his little brother. 3. A boy whose only friend is an eccentric neighbor must shun his mother's affection or he will cease to exist
  3. Can You Guess The Movie Based On These Terrible Plot Summaries? Let's see if you're a true movie fan. We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to explain a movie plot badly. Think you can.
  4. A Good Year. B. Begin Again. C. Life as We Know It. D. Edge of Tomorrow. 3. An officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with an alien race, and must use the new skills he acquires each.
  5. Horror Movies Taglines 17; 5-Star Box Office Actors III 5; Guess the Movie in 3 Words 3; IMDb: One Word Movie 3; This Movie is Not Suitable for Children II 2; Explain a Film Plot Badly IV 2; Movie Titles with Playing Cards 2; If Movies Had Cell Phones II 2; Foreign Films by Description
  6. The idea was to make the movie sound as dull, ridiculous or just plain unwatchable as possible. Here are the top 30. Can you guess the movie based on the terrible pitch
  7. A tagline can be a line of dialogue, a literal summation or a vague phrase, a pithy pun or a single word that captures the spirit of a movie and packages it as a tiny mimetic unit. Composing great taglines is an art, and the line between a good one and bad one is razor thin. One part ballyhoo and one part poetry, taglines are the movie poster.

Great movies that sound rubbish in 10 words or fewer. A great movie is the product of a whole bunch of people, from directors to cast, screenwriters and crew. And we love them. But regardless of. A boxer searches for his father's watch, interrupts sexual encounter. The world's machinery is threatened by malfunctioning batteries. A politician is implicated in the assassination of a reporter. Pregnant woman seeks answers from several different men. Estranged father tries to get his son to join the family business

Quiz: Can you guess the movie from a 5-word plot summary

  1. Jerry Maguire (1996). Although the movie does focus heavily on sports, the famous quote is more romantic than athletic. The titular character played by Tom Cruise goes on a long-winded rant to try.
  2. Na Jaane Kyon to have a ridiculous plot, but the super active brain of the twitterati has made us realise that some of the most critically and commercially acclaimed movies have really really simple plots. So we decided to pick the best ones out of thousands of tweets and guess the movies these guys are talking about
  3. Question of 15. Guess the movie: A group of peasants along with a circus crew have to fight an army of a dictator and install their own queen again. Bug's life. The great dictator. Antz. Lion King. Question of. Guess the movie: Priest kidnaps child for cult and eventual marriage to politician twice his age
  4. Can you name the movie by its really bad synopsis! Take this quiz to find out how well you know some of your favorite movies! Michelle Nati. Jan 21, 2019. share to facebook share to facebook. embed. Copy this link to your site: <iframe.
  5. Guess The Disney Movie Based On The Terribly Explained Plot. I've made up all of the bad plot descriptions. Now you have to guess which Disney film it is. Includes Pixar! Bonus Tip! BONUS TIP: Consider planning and booking your next Disney trip with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner you can trust like Mickey Travels
  6. In the past, we have had our non-Disney fan caption screenshots and give you bad synopses for your favorite movies. This time, we had a new challenge. They say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But can our non-Disney fan guess the plot of the movie based on its title alone
  7. 1 # An entire movie leads up to a basketball match, which the antagonist's team loses because it wasn't a cloudy enough day. a. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai default. b. Student of the Year default. d.

The actor will be celebrating his 35th birthday and we bring to you a quiz to test your knowledge of Arjun Kapoor movies. Are you confident to attempt a quiz to guess the title of the movie based on its plot description and co-stars? On the occasion of Arjun Kapoor's birthday, take a look at this quiz and try to guess correctly. Arjun Kapoor's qui Guess the Imtiaz Ali movie on the basis of its storyline. 1) The plot follows a person who dreams of becoming a musician. He eventually attains all that he dreamt of. However, he ends up anguished and despondent by the loss of a certain person, whom he loved passionately. A) Highway

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For some families, Christmas movie marathons fill the holidays. For others, the shows only play in the background while they wrap gifts. Do you know your Christmas movies well enough to guess them after reading only a one-sentence description? Find out by taking this quiz Dec 16, 2015 - See if you can match each movie with its hilariously terrible plot explanation. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Guess My Name Quiz Buzzfeed Movies Tv Show Quizzes Disney Movie Quiz Explain A Film Plot Badly Film Quiz Bad Film Guess The. Quiz: Can You Guess The Bollywood Movie By Its Opening Dialogue. Ainee Nizami. Follow. Entertainment. Follow. The Conversation Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Post 3 Hyderabadis guess Tollywood movie titles by their plotFeatured in video : Ashritha, Divya and PrithviYou may find them on Instagram on below linkshttps://w..

Quiz Can You Guess These Musicals From Just Their Synopses? By Marc J. Franklin. Oct 04, 2020. Test your theatre knowledge by naming these musicals from their one-sentence plot descriptions in. Movie trivia on JetPunk.com. Pixar has released 19 movies so far. Can you name them all? For another challenge, see how many Disney movies you can name. Or, try to name the people who have won an Oscar for Best Actor Can you guess the name of these musicals from a one-sentence summary? The Black Crook is often considered the first musical, and it debuted in September 1866. From then on, the musical world was destined to explode in size. The early 20th century gave us such gems as Anything Goes. The middle of the century gave us the gift of classics like.

Here are Bollywood films quiz put down in a line. Can you guess the Hindi movie names from their descriptions? Just click on the image to know the answer Can You Guess The Movie Based On It's Poorly Described Plot? See if you can guess what movie is being described! Created by Hollywood.com On Apr 19, 2016 1 / 9 Single father tries to reestablish relationship with his children after years of neglect. Star Wars. Chef Based on the brief plot point - guess the movie. Average score for this quiz is 7 / 10. Difficulty: Average. Played 2,487 times. As of Jul 26 21. 1. Three men search for a missing fortune in a big mansion while a woman and child hide in one of its hidden rooms The World's End, the latest film by Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and writer-director Edgar Wright, is classified as a comedy, but it dips its toes into so many genres that the movie is easier to.

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What Is My Movie is a super-accurate movie finder site that can suggest the name of a movie by a scene or plot description, an incomplete title, and actors' and directors' names. By super-accurate, we mean that the site can easily find a film like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with the sparse description erasing memories Poseidon (2006) Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, the disaster film starred Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss and Emmy Rossum. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual. The Pink Panther. Inspector Jacques Clouseau faces the press. Next, check out these iconic movie sets that you can actually visit in real life. Buy now. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by. We've all probably had a moment where we've not quite been able to properly describe a book we've read or a film we've seen. If that's happened to you - then this is the quiz for you. When this movie was released it was considered the scariest movie of all time. Since then the technology used to make horror movies has improved and movie creators are better able to scare viewers. Putting that aside this movie still excellent due to its engaging dialogue. The plot is intriguing and many will still find the movie terrifying

Guessing a movie from a still isn't that difficult, but we've taken it a step further here. We have removed the backgrounds from these stills, leaving only the central character(s) in the image. Do you think you know Bollywood well enough? Can you guess the movies from these cut-out images? Let's see how well you score Acronym Definition; GMBP: Greater Manchester Biodiversity Project (est. 1994; Manchester, England, UK): GMBP: Guess Movie by Plot (online chatroom): GMBP: Granule. Movie Plot #783 Gloria Dorsenbach (Dorothy Moll) is a spoiled, spoiled and arrogant woman who lives a quiet existence in a small country town, where she meets two young married couples, who are looking for a job and hope to make their living. Movie Plot #385 A couple of days of love, but nothing else

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04/06/2016. We all have that one friend who can never describe anything well, whether it be a movie, a song on the radio, or even a video game — which is why they'll probably ace this quiz. The. Guess The Movie 4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and solutions Levels 1 to 50+ (500+ Answers) for Android, FaceBook, kindle & iPhone (iOS). Developed by Conversion. Guess The Movie is an icon puzzle game that will challenge your knowledge of the film industry! You get to test yourself with 4 Scenes 1 Movie, it's easy to learn the new word quiz by the. Guess The Bollywood Movies By Their Badly Explained Plots. Quizzes. View all episodes from Quizzes . Quizzes How India Counts Its Votes . 02:49 min | 34516 views . SW Explains Featured Movie News. news item Watch An Exclusive Clip From 'Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain' Read More; news item What to Watch on Vudu: 'F9: The Fast Saga,' 'In the Heights,' 'Peter Rabbit 2' and Mor This time, the keyword focus is horror. A quick refresher on how this works: For each of the twenty questions, we'll reveal five plot keywords, one at a time, and give you four horror movies to.

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Guess The Film From The Untitled Poster. Picture quiz time, and this one's a gem. The creation of Paris-based art director Madani Bendjellal, the Stop your Movie series takes the posters of well-known blockbusters and - with a great deal more Photoshopping skill than your local pub quiz - cleanses them of the film's title and major characters Kate Upton birthday quiz: Guess the movie based on the description of the plot. Kate Upton celebrates her birthday on June 10. Take a quiz to see if you can guess the name of the movie she has been a part of based on the plot Thirty-eight years after Katharine Houghton brought Sidney Poitier home to meet her parents in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, it's time for an African-American woman to bring her white fiance home, in Guess Who. Not much has changed over the years, or in the parents, who go through various forms of discomfort and disapproval before finally caving in when they realize the fiance is, after. Synopsis. The movie concerns Joanna Drayton, a young white American woman (Houghton) and a man with whom she's had a whirlwind romance, Dr. Prentice (Poitier), an African American she met while on a holiday in Hawaii. As the movie opens, they're at the San Francisco Airport preparing to tell her parents, Matthew (Tracy) and Christine (Hepburn. Shad's Bad Guess: A modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet as a love story between a young female computer genius and a six-legged robotic crab-like droid called the Romeo 5000.Think of it.

Rent. Powered by JustWatch. For its initial 40 plodding minutes, the clumsy thriller I See You works very hard to get your attention. A boy, riding his bike through the woods, is yanked into thin air as if he had reached the end of a bungie cord. He soon joins the roster of other missing kids in a small town, where Detective Greg Harper. Oxygen Movie: Ending Explained (With Plot Walkthrough) Hi, this is Barry, and welcome to my site. Oxygen (Oxygène) is a 2021 French science-fiction thriller directed by Alexandre Aja. The film is centred on a woman who wakes up in a medical cryo pod, not knowing who she is or who put her in there. Over the course of the movie, she slowly gets.

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The 22 Pixar movies ranked, from 'Toy Story' to 'Onward' Too much of a good thing: 'Solo' highlights Disney's Star Wars problem 'Oh hai Mark': A newbie's guide to seeing 'The. When fans head to the movie theater to watch an M Night Shyamalan movie, they know to expect the unexpected. From his early movies like The Sixth Sense to his latest, Old, there is always a plot.

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Stanley Kramer's wildly popular attempt at social commentary on race relations in the 1960's, is a very frustrating film to analyze. The movie's single greatest—and completely impossible to ignore—flaw can also be argued as its greatest strength. The most important thing for modern audiences is to get the. QUIZ: Can You Guess the Book from a Bad One-Sentence Summary? January 15, 2021. March 30, 2021. by Elodie. Take The Quiz. We get it. You know books. You know them by their first sentence, by their last sentence, probably by their fourth sentence of the seventh paragraph in the twenty-eighth chapter. But would you know them by a really bad. Check out these really funny and bad (!) movie descriptions: Teenage boy is best friends with an old man with terrorist links. He travels back in time to snog his mother. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly.

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Exclusive: New 'Predator' Movie Title, Plot Details, and Timeline Revealed by Producers John Davis and John Fox. It sounds like there won't be any choppas to get to in the new film from director. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner addressed a taboo subject during the climax of cultural changes in America.However, it failed to dig deep and represent the true issues that were apart of race during the 1960's. Debate over whether or not the Draytons' will approve of their daughter's marriage is at the heart of the movie yet the real reasons of why they are concerned never come up

Even 50 years ago, in a nation inflamed by prejudice and civil rights marches, the interracial marriage fable Guess Who's Coming to Dinner played suave and polite at a defining moment when. Can You Guess The Disney Movie By Its Emoji Summary? (QUIZ) By Sara Boboltz. Odds are you've got a working knowledge of emoji at this point in the information age. You know, that kind of pictorial alphabet all the kids use (sometimes nonsensically) with their phones. *Winking face.*. Test your emoji aptitude, or your Disney knowledge, or.

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a 1967 American comedy-drama film produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, and written by William Rose.It stars Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, and Katharine Hepburn, and features Hepburn's niece Katharine Houghton.. The film was one of the few films of the time to depict an interracial marriage in a positive light, as interracial marriage historically had been. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. There's no official word on Maleficent 3 yet, though that may very well have to do with the fact that Mistress of Evil was released on October 18, 2019, and. This plot twist has been known by movie bloggers and movie blogger readers for almost a year and a half, but it's odd to just see the trailer nonchalantly toss it in there while there's plenty of.

Settlers has its problems, most of which are structural. Tense and firm at either end, it sags in the middle like a mattress. Also, the grownups are pretty dull and flat, their mood set to. I guess we're watching musicals now. As a fan of the book (and its sequel, Dear Enemy) I of course had to watch this. It turns out that, except for the framing device, the plot is nothing like the book. That doesn't prevent it from being very sweet and charming, as well as funny. The

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Borderlands. Gearbox. Borderlands fans are holding their breath that the Eli Roth-directed movie adaptation is going to go well, and now we have our first look at the movie's synopsis with its. The 1967 movie Guess Who's Coming to Dinner casts Katharine Houghton opposite Sidney Poitier, as well as Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Then it gives the daughter nothing to say Quentin Tarantino attempts to guess the titles of obscure VHS movies based only on their summaries on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. New 'Predator' Movie Title, Plot Details, and.

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Quiz challenges movie buffs to identify their favourites from a series of emojis. WhatsApp users have been sharing emoji quizzes to stay entertained. This one challenges players to guess films. The Bottom Line The decent B-movie plot wobbles under but few genre fans will fail to guess the direction in which this is heading. will scratch their heads at a final plot point, an.

But the Wikipedia plot summary reveals how truly horrifying the movie actually is. For starters, the beginning of the film reveals that the parents of protagonist Dani Ardor (Florence Pugh) were. I guess the real plot twist is not that Costello had a second mole in the police, but that that mole was secretly a mutant with psychic powers. Too bad he didn't manage to foresee getting shot in the head a few seconds later, bringing the number of head-shots in this movie up to approximately 500 Packaged collections of all four movies are available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray. The Matrix 4 will be released in theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021. This article was originally.

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Serenity was an incredibly bad movie, but its plot twist is so singularly bonkers it will remain in my thoughts long after many other, better films fade into the sea. — Baumann 37 If you can't guess where The Ones Below is going, you're probably one of its characters. Mike D'Angelo. 5/26/16 12:00AM. 103. Save (Photo: Magnolia) Reviews. C. The Ones Below. Director. David. 2. Back To The Future Part III: The extra DeLorean. So, this is most likely one of the first plot holes many of you would ever have noticed. Marty arrives back in 1885 in a DeLorean. Sadly, the. How did a movie with a plot this thin, predictable, and low on logic become the biggest non-franchise (yet) hit of the past decade? I mean, it made $10M in its 8th weekend . This never happens anymore — although, to be fair, not all box office records are created equal , either

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'Batgirl Movie' Cast. Lindsey Morgan, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Zoey Deutch, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, kate Davies, Amber Myers and Alicia Silverstone, who played Batgirl in Batman & Robin (1997), are all interested in playing Batgirl. Nicolas Winding Refn and Karen Gillan expressed interest in directing the movie and Karen Gillan stated that she wanted to portrayed Batgirl Essay If it was to turn my good day feeling into a night of disturbing memories than I guess he succeeded. The plot of a film noir generically speaking is an ironic romance in which the knights quest is driven by vice instead of virtue. Yet why not hope for a change in appetite why not hope that vulnerability doubt languor even feyness might find a mass market once again OMG, you guys. So that movie Orphan comes out today—it's that Vera Farmiga creepy kid flick where she screams and screams as she realizes she already made this movie before—and we know the.

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A scene from the Cruella movie. Like Maleficent (so-so), Cruella is a prequel of sorts. It purports to show us how the puppy-skinning madwoman of 101 Dalmatians got that. Although the plot seems to be steady and slow moving, every scene of the movie reveals new, unexpected secrets making you lose track of time. The Prestige This brilliant film, directed by Christopher Nolan, tells the intricate tale of two magicians who are both young, talented, and assertive Buy Movies. Get Movies. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore The brutally reviewed movie tells the story of Gene, a meh emoji voiced by wayward Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller, who must leave his home of Textopolis on a journey of self-discovery deep into.