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  1. al muscles getting tired from holding the weight of your baby bump, and so they loosen and expand, letting your bump sit out further and appear bigger
  2. I am getting close to 13 weeks and in the morning I look the same prior to getting pregnant then at night/afternoon wow! I cannot hide it my stomach is big. Is anyone else going through the same thing? I always have very low blood pressure and have passed out badly already during this pregnancy so I do eat some salty foods but not in excess.
  3. Why baby bumps are bigger at night: Pregnant women's ab muscles loosen over the day but tighten up as they sleep Meghan Markle wore a fitted blue dress to a black tie event in Fiji The 37-year-old..
  4. gly shrink by morning. Something that may make you feel that your bump is smaller in the morning is that bloat..
  5. gly supersized stomach is a miscalculation of the conception date. A 15- or 16-week tummy will certainly be larger than a 13-week one, so double-check your due date
  6. Posted 29/6/10. I'm 19 weeks and have been very conscious of everyone saying that I barely look pregnant! In the morning it is visibly smaller, as if I'm not pregnant at all, but then by the end of the day, it's got much bigger. I'm desperate for a big bump to stop all the comments, but I know I'll be fed up as soon as I'm as big as a house

Hi, I am exactly the same. This is my third baby and this pregnancy is very different to the others. My belly is little (not flat but little) when I wake up, but by lunchtime my trousers are tight and my belly has hardened up and grown!!! I too am 19 wks am I am hoping it will only be another few weeks before the baby belly is really there Excessive stress in life can also get you a big belly and make you look like you are pregnant. Added to it; the way you eat and breathe contributes to the cause and can make your belly bulge out even more. Excessive eating, mouth breathing along with dealing excessive stress can make you gain weight in stomach are only and make you look pregnant Your belly bulge may also be the result of fluid retention or abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Abdominal separation may occur during or after pregnancy. It happens when your growing uterus..

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Joel Martin, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., assistant professor of kinesiology at George Mason University, talked to Shape about why your stomach looks so good when you wake up sometimes. That's because you've.. 6 weeks pregnant but tummy looks 5 months! Hi, I only found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and am nearly 7 weeks but my stomach has bloated so much I'm finding it difficult to do my trousers up. From a side I literally look like I've got a bump already. At the moment I'm living in leggings and baggy jumpers to hide it I know your stomach is obviously meant to expand after eating, but i look pregnant after just eating a salad! This is extreme. Seriously, i thought it might of been due to carbs, too many green vegetables or dairy. But even after just having a snack or if i drink a smoothie my stomach looks huge. I had a small leafy salad with half an avocado. I have a bit of a belly anyways and now when I'm bloated, I look like I'm five or six months pregnant. My kids and DH actually come up and rub my belly and talk to the baby. I have tried to explain to them that they are only rubbing my fat, that my baby belly isn't that big yet. They still insist on rubbing my belly anyways The main symptom of endo belly is severe bloating, especially during or right before your period. Bloating is when the abdomen fills with air or gas, making it look larger. It may also feel tight.

When you look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning, you see a belly that's flatter than at any other time during the day. This happens because you're coming off of a multi-hour fast -- which means that most of your food has been digested, so it can't cause any bloat Here we are today I have noticed blue veins on my breast, my breasts fill fuller and bigger, my husband said my mood has changed, i have had a few hot flashes, I have been hungry, I felt really sick to my stomach earlier about 1:00 and felt like i was going to throw up but wouldn't come out, woke up this morning with a headache

Hi Im 41 I have a weight gain and look 8 months pregnant my legs are big and I eat 3 meals a day. I dont understand why my stomach looks this way. I dont feel I over eat. Ive nevet been this big at 180!! I dont have ins . I realize w age gaining is normal but to look like your 8 months pregnant is not. I still have my periods too What You Can Do at 9 Weeks. Now that you know what your 9 weeks pregnant belly and the baby will look like, let's discuss what you can do at this stage of your pregnancy. Tips for Dealing With Pregnancy Symptoms. Frequent urination; Frequent urination is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy Maybe it's because all the stomach muscles tense up from carrying it around during the day, and then relax at night. I know my bump is a knot of 'tension' at the top right now, possibly from my parted tummy muscles trying to get back together as I'm walking around. It seems to poke out more as it's being pushed forward Whether your belly is small or big, you cannot exactly determine the stage of your pregnancy. All women have a different journey of their pregnancies. If your friend's bump was big enough in the 6th month of her pregnancy , that does not mean your belly will also be of the same size in the 6th month of your pregnancy

I set my watch cuz I wanted to know how long it would take to walk to the train station, so I know it was only 20 min. And my stomach went from flat to 6 months pregnant in that amount of time. It's almost hypnotic. Usually I only look 5 months pregnant, but when I got in the apartment, my roomie's jaw just dropped. I am bigger than ever right now Why Do Pregnant Bellies Shrink? When a baby engages into the birth canal (which can happen anywhere from 25 weeks to mid labor) the belly often shrinks as the baby moves down into the pelvis. If you're experiencing extra pressure in your pelvis and need to pee more, this may be the case! Here are some ways to get comfortable after baby engages The manner in which a woman carries has everything to do with the tone of her abdominal musculature, says Kecia Gaither, MD, MPH, director of perinatal services at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York City. Tight abs offer more support and lift to a growing uterus, so fit moms-to-be often carry higher, particularly with a first pregnancy

Result: your belly will look smaller. If you're a shorter woman, there's a smaller space between your hip and your lowest rib. That means less room for the baby to grow upwards, so your uterus will push outwards instead. Result: your bump will show earlier and look bigger. #2: If you're a first-time mother-to-b Below we are going to look at gurgling stomach, and diarrhea for a week, noisy stomach in the 2 nd and 3 rd trimester. We will also establish whether a noisy stomach is a pregnancy sign, what causes the noise after eating, pain, at night, noisy stomach in dogs, as well as home remedies that can be used to relieve the symptoms

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  1. I was in so much pain last night, and showed my husband my day 1 bloated belly (left pic). He was actually pretty shocked. He asked if I was pregnant (which I'm not!)
  2. For about four months I was suffering from really bad stomach aches and a really swollen stomach. I went from wearing size 8 jeans to looking like I was nine months pregnant, she said.
  3. My upper stomach is extended to look like I am 7-9 months pregnant. It is largest right after I eat. It looks and feels like I have a basketball from my belly button up to my breasts and is top heavy to the lower stomach. Other symptoms include gas, joint pain, fatigue, and sleeplessness at night
  4. g 2-3 weeks ago seems to be getting smaller. If I hold my stomach in, its completely flat!! I now you cant just stop being pregnant over night, but thats what it feels like
  5. Shutterstock. Genetics; The problem that your stomach sticks out depends not only on your lifestyle. A study shows that stomach fat may be caused by certain genetic factors, and may be managed with the help of correct nutrition and physical activity (13).If your parents are a bit on the fuller side, it doesn't mean that packing on some pounds down the line is inevitable for you, because.
  6. Severe stomach distention is a cause for concern when accompanied by strong pains from cramping, an irregular cycle, or fibroids. 10. Cancer. A distended stomach from cancer is uncommon but can signal uterine or colon cancer. These may be present when the bloating does not subside, and digestion problems increase. Distended Stomach Symptom
  7. The fibers in your muscles tear and while they heal and become even bigger muscles, they are soothed by fluids surrounding them, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Advertisement. Although it's unlikely for your stomach to look bigger after exercise, it is possible as greater superficial muscle definition is one result of core workouts

But I quickly fell pregnant again and after giving birth to Joanna - who was born small at 5lb 150z - I remained a size 14 and couldn't seem to shift the excess flab from around my stomach In somewhat fractured English, the Korean authors of this overview describe bloating as having a 'full belly' or heavy and uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen. For me, I would describe it as looking like you're pregnant. I'm surprised I don't have stretch marks after some of my bigger bloating episodes

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  1. After a good night's rest, you may feel light as air and ready to take on the day. However, by day's end, some of you may notice your pants feeling a bit snug. This end of day bloating can be uncomfortable and frustrating, especially if you are not sure what is causing it. Read below for some possible reasons for your evening bloat and how you can prevent it. All about bloat Bloating, by.
  2. Throughout pregnancy, my breasts have gone through a wave of evolution. While my belly has grown from the size of an orange to a watermelon, my breasts have transformed from hard little apples to.
  3. Other Pregnancy Symptoms at 15 Weeks Pregnant. Stuffy nose and nasal congestion is likewise typical. This pregnancy symptom is due to swelling in the mucous membranes of the nose, mainly the result of increased hormone production. Feeling packed up can exist with no signs of illness or due to a cold. This symptom will come and go
  4. Belly bloating bothers some people largely because of how it looks. They may think a protruding tummy makes them look pregnant. Some are frustrated when that swollen stomach sticks around even.
  5. Gyne checked my uterus.. nothing found. I do dancing.. almost everyday for 2-3 hrs at least. Sometimes yoga. I am active person.. I tried doing proper diet by avoiding sugar, coffee, alcohol. But nothing helped. My whole body is toned but tummy. Now my tummy looks so big, ppl ask me if I am pregnant.. it is so embarrassing
  6. Also read: Ladies, Here's What You Need To Do To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk. 2. Pregnancy. The body undergoes various hormonal changes during pregnancy and hence, increase in the breast size during pregnancy is a completely normal phenomenon. The blood stream in our breast tissues tend to increase during pregnancy and this makes breasts bigger. 3
  7. First thing in the morning your stomach is for the most part empty. This is why most people like to weigh themselves in the morning, you see a 3-4 pound difference than at the end of the day. Have you kept a food journal? I understand a small diff..

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.but till the time they exist, they may cause you whole lot of troublel. Stomach Hardening During Pregnancy. While you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy, your uterus has already traveled half-way and is now between your pubic bone and belly buttono Also, your little one is growing inside your uterus causing it to swell to make more space for your baby to growo As your uterus. Some first-time mothers say that they didn't really start to show or get noticed as being pregnant until well into the 20-28 week point. The second trimester is a great one - usually morning sickness has reduced or disappeared, you have much more energy and feel better and you have a cute little belly to show for it The accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, known as ascites, can cause the appearance of distension. Ascites has a number of causes, including cirrhosis of the liver. A distended stomach (abdomen) can be associated with other symptoms, including. belching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or. abdominal pain

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Signs a cat is pregnant. Here's a list of cat pregnancy symptoms: Pink and enlarged nipples - this usually happens between 15 days to 18 days after ovulation and is one of the earliest ways to detect pregnancy in cats.It is easier to recognize for first-time cat mums since prior to pregnancy, they usually have very flat white nipples Pregnancy symptoms during week 28. Baby kicks. Your baby's very active now. Your healthcare provider may ask you to spend some time each day counting kicks and will give you specific instructions on how to do this. Leg cramping. Leg cramps are more common at night but can also happen during the day. Your legs are carrying extra weight, and your. Even, in my case, when a woman is not actually pregnant. This happened to me recently while riding a bus in the Bronx. I was standing up on the BX12, holding on to a pole and texting a friend 5. Bouncy castle in your belly. Aside from asking why is my pregnant belly sometimes hard and sometimes soft, you might also be wondering if your little one is alright inside your growing belly. Your pregnancy belly is like a bouncy castle for your growing baby. You might experience his kicks inside your womb, which is a good sign that he.

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You know the feeling: Your pants feel a bit tight, your belly feels a little too full -- your face might even be a bit puffy. You're bloated. Find out why it happens from WebMD and what you can. 2. Your stomach may be bloated. Bloating can make your belly look bigger than it is. Common causes of bloating include, lactose intolerance, high sodium intake, drinking carbonated drinks, dehydration, and irritable bowel syndrome. While it's normal to be bloated every now and then, being bloated all the time isn't something you should ignore Do a few leg stretches to keep your legs from cramping during the night. Limit drinks. Stop drinking within 2 or 3 hours of bedtime so you won't have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle. 7 Months Pregnant: Your Body's Changes. In your third trimester, you could gain as much as a pound a week. Using our Weight Gain Calculator, you can learn how to calculate your pre-pregnancy body mass index, or BMI (if you don't know that value already) and then get a basic overview of the weight gain ranges that might be acceptable for someone of your pre-pregnancy BMI

8 weeks pregnant symptoms. By 8 weeks pregnant, your womb is around the size of a lemon — too small to show, but you're still going to be feeling the effects of pregnancy. At this point, fatigue and nausea may be your most prominent symptoms. Whatever tiredness you encountered in the last few weeks will remain, if not increase 4 Months Pregnant: Your Body's Changes. At four months pregnant, you've now entered the second trimester. This stage is often considered to be the honeymoon period of pregnancy — a time when many moms-to-be experience an energy boost


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  1. We frequently don't know why or how the twisting happens, but when it does it completely blocks the escape of gas, liquid, and other stomach contents from the stomach. This buildup of gas and liquid causes the stomach to expand like a balloon (dilatation), hence the bloated stomach. This is Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus, or GDV
  2. Pregnancy. If you say My boobs are getting bigger while you're pregnant, there's nothing really to worry about. Due to several hormonal changes during pregnancy, the blood flow to your breast tissues will increase and make your boobs look swollen. They will also feel tingly and sore
  3. My dog is 6 weeks pregnant and has a sticky brown discharge. Are the babies dying? Is this normal? I have always bred Jack Russells and have never seen this before. The bitch is 30 months old and this is her first pregnancy, 4th season. Thank you. Why does my dog's penis have puss on it? His urine stinks and is medium yellow
  4. utes of exercise throughout the week. You could start off with just 10

Why Do My Cat's Nipples Look Sore? Oftentimes, sore and painful nipples in cats are linked to nursing. Biting and scratching are the most common causes of a feline nipple injury. By the time a kitten reaches 4 weeks of age, it will have teeth. A kitten's teeth are tiny but as sharp as pins As my belly got bigger, the scar tissue was always uncomfortable and sometimes a little painful. Even now at 38 weeks, baby will kick my bellybutton and it's such a sore spot. To each his own, but didn't feel like it was worth keeping during pregnancy. I'll just shove it back in afterwards

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A: Until late in pregnancy, which means 30-40 weeks, the fetus floats free in the uterus. Transverse lie is the most serious abnormal presentation, and it can lead to injury of the uterus (ruptured uterus) as well as fetal injury. • According to the cause elective caesarean section may be required. Transverse Lie. Within this lie two echogenic spines. A 22-gauge, short-bevel needle is. Why do pregnant bellies appear bigger at night? Nocturn16. Posted 8/9/10. I've noticed that in the morning, my stomach looks just a little pregnant but by the time night rolls around, it expands. I am 31, 4 kids and married. i havent had a normal stomach and some what of a flat tummy since before i got pregnant in 2004. After i had her my stomach did go down. I have had 3 c-sections and 1 natural birth. not in that order. My stomach looks like im 6 to 9 months pregnant. i suck it most of the time. especially around husband or out in public I'm 18 weeks pregnant and my belly is already gigantic. This is my first pregnancy. I was with another pregnant woman this weekend and she was about the same size and age as me (I'm not a big person) and her belly was literally a 1/4 the size of mine and she's a few weeks ahead of me Hi l had unprotected sex on the 19th of last month and l was ovulating, lm having cramping, my lower stomach hurts,hips,cant sleep,l feel weak,cant get comfortable, breasts hurts even to shower,my stomach is bloated and farting alot,l feel full,l was due my period on the yesterday l saw brown blood so l was thinking my period was coming, then the blood was dark and then it stopped l didnt need.

Hi, I just found out a couple of days ago that I am pregnant. I am only 4 weeks gone, so it is really early days. This is my 2nd pregnancy, so I know things may be different. Early on in my 1st pregnancy, I remember feeling just different but in this pregnancy my stomach feel The weight of your baby is no longer pressing on your diaphragm, and you may be able to breathe more freely as a result. Slight weight loss. Dull pain low in your back that comes and goes. Loose. A tight stomach can also be due to other factors such as digestive issues, stress or hormonal changes, and doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. Vulva change in colour One of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be a change in colour of your vulva and vagina Question. My stomach swells up as the day goes on. I have never had a flat stomach, but always a little `pot-belly'. It's fine until lunchtime, but after I've had my lunch (of sandwiches and fruit.

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16 Ways Pregnancy Symptoms Predict Gender. Dry lips, being sensitive to smell, sore breasts, and other symptoms can be an indicator of the baby's gender. This article was originally published on February 15, 2017. It was updated on January 28, 2021 by Katrina Butcher 2 The Glow. At last, one thing that you can (hopefully) look forward to - the pregnancy glow! It's one of the few - and it really is a few isn't it - physiological changes that an expectant mom can actually look forward to. This time, there's something that you can actually thank your hormones for The stomach may feel relatively hard during pregnancy due to the way a growing fetus can affect your digestive system. Sometimes women's stomachs become more hard in pregnancy due to gas. A growing belly. Your waistline will begin to expand as your baby and uterus grow larger. Depending on your size before pregnancy, you may not notice this change until the second trimester. It is normal to gain no or little weight in your first trimester. Emotional symptoms

Heartburn is another problem that can keep women awake at night. As pregnancy progresses and a woman's uterus gets bigger, it may press on her stomach making a burning sensation more common. my stomach is so bloated and i look pregnant but definitely not seems to come and go also very lethargic all the time currently on sertraline. Answered by Dr. John Rhoades: Need exam: Abd pain and bloating can be at times just from gas and be. Things to do in week 32 Go to sleep on your side. When you reach your third trimester, the advice is to go to sleep on your side. Research has shown that going to sleep on your back is linked to an increased risk of stillbirth. This advice includes daytime napping and night sleeping. Read more about safe sleep positions in pregnancy When you touch your 26 weeks pregnant belly, you'll notice the top of your uterus is about 2.5 inches above your belly button. Your belly will keep growing about a half inch each week for the rest of your pregnancy. At 26 weeks, baby size and belly size are likely starting to feel unwieldy, so don't forget to take it slow Twin pregnancy means that your belly size will measure much more than it a single fetus pregnancy. If you happen to be two months pregnant, your belly should measure around 14 cm. Even though, for some women, until they are into the second trimester, it is difficult to tell they are pregnant as their belly size remains the same

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Endo belly typically gets worse as the day goes on. Frequently, patients will be fine in the morning, and it will get bigger and bigger until the evening, when they can't button their pants. Phase 3. In the third phase of normal birth, the mare will usually lie down and labor begins. In a normal presentation, the amnionic tissue with one foot appears (in phase two) with the sole of the foot downward, the other foot appears next, and then the nose of the foal. Anything different from that and you should call your vet Common reasons why your stomach may be getting bigger. Here are some common reasons why your stomach may be getting bigger besides pregnancy and obvious over eating. 1. Bloating. Your stomach can really expand if you are bloated. Being bloated basically means you have excess gas or air in your digestive tract There are many reasons a person may experience a missed period with a gassy stomach. One of these reasons is pregnancy. There are several other potential underlying causes to be aware of, however The nipple may also look displaced. Once pregnancy and nursing end, most women lose breast volume, retain stretch marks, and experience some sagging, explains Robert Brueck, M.D., a Fort Myers.

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How do I de-bloat my stomach? One of the most effective bloated stomach remedies is improving your diet. Make sure to eat a high-fiber diet, aiming for about 25-30 grams every day or even more, and to drink plenty of water/fluids. Look for other symptoms that may indicate an underlying cause, such as severe constipation, fluid retention, pain. The skin on your belly may feel numb because it is so stretched out. Tingling and numbness in the hands usually occurs because of carpal tunnel syndrome. That is caused by pressure on a nerve in the wrist. You may be able to get rid of these symptoms by wearing wrist splints at overnight. Otherwise, the problem usually ends after pregnancy

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If you do, they'll probably feel like a soft fluttering or rolling sensation. You at 18 weeks Abdominal or stomach pain in pregnancy is common, and can be caused by constipation, wind, or growing pains as your ligaments stretch to support your growing bump Overview Stomach flu, also called gastroenteritis, is a highly contagious gastrointestinal infection. Stomach flu is typically caused by viral infections, although some cases may be caused by bacteria. The infection is characterized by symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Most people get stomach flu through contact. Does a hernia make your stomach big? A: In most cases, a hernia will be visible on the outside of your body. In that sense, certain types of hernia could be said to make your stomach bigger. Still, in almost all cases the bulge will be visible in one area of your stomach (for certain types of hernias) in a particular spot, rather than generally.

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---Christine, 39 weeks pregnant At around my 6 th or 7 th month of pregnancy with the twins I started getting really itchy nipples. Not only that, I felt intense itching in my arms, back, stomach, breasts and legs. I could not take my whole body itching so I started using some Calamine lotion every day When you see your dog's abdomen (or stomach) getting larger it is easy to brush it off as too many cookies and too little exercise -then promise yourself to do better in the future. But there are medical conditions that can make the abdomen appear larger that should not be ignored. Hypothyroidism - or low thyroid hormone production Hannah says: I've suffered from excessive bloating for more than 10 years and can look pregnant after eating certain foods. I also get terrible stomach cramps, constipation and severe flatulence.

What does my baby look like in week 31? They're still pretty slim but will will be putting more weight on over the next few weeks - gaining about 200 grams each week. All babies are different, even at this stage, and your baby will have their own pattern of movements. It's good to get familiar with these and to be aware of the pattern Yes, talking about the bloating feeling! My stomach is always bloated. Its bigger than it should be. I look pregnant, and trust me I'm not. Sarcoid is in my spleen and I think the the granuloma size has something to do with it Pregnancy can cause people to feel unusually warm because of increased blood supply to the skin. As a result, a person may find that they sweat more, which, in some cases, may lead to a heat rash 3 My local hospital/doctor/surgeon says they do the same operation. If that is the case, why do I need to come to you? Not many of them really do, but if your local hospital really does do the same operation - and by a dedicated, highly expereinced team specialising in hernia who are achieving - and publishing - the same results, you can use either of us